ESG and Corporate Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sensibilities are embedded in the core of CIMSENSE. We are proud that many of our products either save lives or protect the environment.

Our Approach

CIMSENSE invests in ESG practices because they help protect our natural environment, ensure people are treated fairly and with respect, and keep us accountable to the highest standards of corporate responsibility.
We also believe that ESG is good business, enabling CIMSENSE to accelerate growth and profitability with lower risk. ESG improves the lives of our employees, suppliers, customers, and investors as well as the communities in which we operate and serve.
Our interest with ESG starts with acquisitions. We employ detailed ESG criteria during due diligence to identify any issues and opportunities. We then work with newly acquired companies to identify potential risks, areas for improvement, and opportunities for value creation. On an ongoing basis, the management teams at our portfolio companies are responsible for developing and executing ESG action plans to drive continuous improvement.
Our action plans are guided by industry best practices embodied within the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) guidelines, through consultation with outside experts, and by taking part in events such as AEA’s annual ESG Summit. We prioritize policies to implement according to importance and impact potential. We actively leverage one of the great assets of CIMSENSE, the ability to share insights and lessons learned across our portfolio companies.

Powering Tomorrow’s Possibilities

With a focus on the future, we provide responsible technology, devices and systems that empower industries across the globe.