Independence With Benefits

The CIMSENSE difference empowers our companies to maintain their individuality while gaining access to a network of resources and benefits. Our company founders and leaders operate their preserved culture and what has worked for them. The people matter most. We back jockeys, then horses.

A Company With a Focus on the Future

As entrepreneurs, we understand that risk and capital are essential considerations for business development. We have deep capital through our partner AEA and the cash flow we are creating each month.

Cross Selling

We have 20 brands working under the CIMSENSE name, and we are still growing. Each offers different products or solutions and built-in incentives drive each other to lend a hand, provide support and sell applicable products and brands to a wider customer base.

Improved Purchasing Power

Our leaders are constantly seeking new ways to share supplies and navigate supply chain demand. With full inventories, our companies are able to meet customer demand and benefit from the purchasing power and lower costs of CIMSENSE.

Expertise Sharing

Our management teams have developed years of industry experience across different companies. Through collaboration and networking, we share industry insights and best practices to improve our businesses.

Technology Sharing

Many of our companies are manufacturers of industry-leading technology that others can incorporate into their products or business models. With a range of engineering capabilities, there are always opportunities to collaborate and thrive together.


CIMSENSE is always in pursuit of great companies to join the CIMSENSE family. There is no limitation to adding great businesses that can support or partner with our other members. Accelerating our impact on the market through acquisition keeps us ahead of the competitive market.

Powering Tomorrow’s Possibilities

See how CIMSENSE is taking leaps and bounds for a better tomorrow.